Nowadays every Personal Trainer has the same "chubby kid to figure competitor" tale to tell it seems. It's true that I almost failed every gym class I ever took, but that was more because I wasn't athletic at all! Instead it took me until college to discover the benefits of exercise. When I did, I discovered that the mental & emotional benefits of exercise were equal (& sometimes greater than) the physical benefits.

I specialize in developing programs for people new to exercise, in transition & those with concerns or fears regarding fitness/injury/gyms. If you keep putting off exercising then please contact me. My goal is to get you fitter, functional, happy & healthy enough to go back to the life you love without pain or fear of re-injury.

ACE certified Personal Trainer since 2005

CrossFit Level 2

Competitive Olympic Lifter

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 2

Heartsaver CPR


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michelle connelly 

I've been doing strongman for over 11 years. When I was growing up a lot of kids were out drinking while I was in the gym lifting. It taught me discipline, self reliance & that if I keep my body healthy it will take care of me in return. I teach people about old school strength; the real way to build functional muscle. I always have a smile on my face no matter what I'm doing, and that definitely includes weight lifting! 

Battle of the Badass 2008 1st Place Heavyweight Teen

Jersey's Strongest Man 2006 3rd Place (1st Place Fire Truck Pull Event)

Hudson river strongman 2005 1st Place Heavyweight Teen

About your hosts

​Here at Farmhouse Gym we believe you need to have fun while you work out. You have to enjoy going to the gym or you just won't do it! We know because we've been there too. 

We know that the same ol' exercise routine just won't cut it. 

We've got the standards (dumbbells, treadmills and medicine balls) and then the Strongman equipment (atlas stones, logs, yoke & more)

OK then. All you need to do now is decide when it’s best for you to come in and do your fitness thing!