farmhouse AT HOME 

QUALITY:Working out at home can be fantastically beneficial. You don't have to factor in driving to the gym, weather or appointment times. So don't think of it as a lesser-workout!

EQUIPMENT: While you can get an amazing workout without weights, they are useful to have. With my help, you will learn how to use a small number of weights/accessories in a wide variety of ways. 

OPTIONS: You can take the workout assignment and do it on your own, or we can do it real time via FaceTime or Zoom. Which method will work best for you? 


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Kettlebells For reference, here at the gym the pink is 18lb or 8kg, the next one is 25lb or 12kg, the next is 36lb or 16kg and the large blue is 44lb/20kg.

Exercise BandsWow, I get this one a lot! There a lot to choose from, so follow this link to get the long bands we use for all of your arm warmup exercises (ie the thinner ones).

Ab Cushion This you have used for your sit ups and also to kneel on for other exercises. Highly recommended if you have hard floors in your workout space!

Two categories of Dumbbells:Check with me, I may have an idea of what weights would be best for you, but what weights you choose will ultimately be up to you. I DO recommend that you get dumbbells in sets of 2 (pairs) so that you can 1) use both hands at the same time and 2) automatically have more weight and more options to work with!

Lightweight Dumbbells (under 10lb)               Heavy Dumbbells (10lb and over) 

**Is there something you don't see listed? Let me know!