One hour sessions, in person at the farmhouse. 

​In-person 1-on-1 sessions. I will develop a program that will improve posture, strengthen your core & get you closer to your fitness goals. I do the programming so all you do is show up & do the work! ​​

*BONUS: In addition to your hour long sessions you have access to the gym during regular business hours. So if we meet twice a week, you can come in a third or fourth time to stretch, roll out, or whatever suits you!

Yoga at Home PROGRAM

*Includes a one time introductory session during which we do yoga with lots of time for Q&A to better get to know each other.

Do yoga from the peace and safety of your own home! As a registered 200-RYT, I will guide you through a yoga class of your very own (relaxing or energizing, what do you need?)

At Home Workout

*Includes a one time introductory session during which we go over previous injuries etc.  

Via FaceTime or Zoom, we workout together but neither of us leave home! Click HERE to learn more.